Hosting (Monthly, Annual, Ecommerce)

Website Hosting (Annually)

$190.00 / Year For 1 Year

Website Hosting (Monthly)

$19.99 / Month For 1 Month


WordPress Enhanced Security

$199.00 WordPress Enhanced Security Short description

WordPress Hardening / Lockdown

$999.00 WordPress Hardening / Lockdown Short description

Ecommerce Setup

$2,000.00 E-commerce Setup Short description


Google Ad Management Monthly

$500.00 / Month For 1 Month. Google Ad Management Monthly Short description

Google Ad Campaign Setup


Website Transfer From Wix to WordPress

Ask for Price.

First Page Solutions

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First Page Hosting

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Welcome to the best hosting packages in the World! Our website host packages are delivered through Google owned servers. We do everything for you or provide direct access to your own server. You choose.

Need help in understanding what your business requires for hosting solutions? No problem, contact us and we will help you understand your options.

Our website hosting page provides general descriptions to help you choose.

Our article ‘The World’s Best Hosting” article will help teach you everything about hosting!


Ecommerce Products

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We are providing a detailed list of many website programming projects, segmented by related tasks so they can be purchased as one product. For example, your website may not have the ability to sell products, our WooCommerce Setup product will provide that solutions. You may have a WooCommerce storefront but do not have shippiing and taxes setup, our shipping or tax setup related tasks will allow you to focus on those short term projects to help your ecommerce strategies.

First Page Programming

View Programming 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Our Annual Hosting packages provide one hour of programming time per year and can be used in four hour 15 minute segments. If you are our customer already, please contact us to aquire a 100% off coupon for your first four 15 minute programming purchases. First Page Hosting customers can also use their one hour of programming for SEO, Ecommerce or any other website need.

If you are not a First Page Hosting customer, please add a note to your order that will allow us to provide your solution quickly. Use our contact page to write more instruction or ask us questions.

First Page SEO

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The term ‘First Page’ is our Brand and our full company name is First Page Solutions. Your First Page SEO package will provide an alloted number of hours on a monthly basis for our First Page Team to develop your marketing strategies, prioritise the best solutions and complete the hundreds of tasks required to get to the first page of search engine results and stay there. Getting to the First Page of search engines, like Google, is an ongoing effort that requires time, discipline and patience. We use a variety of tools and plugins to help your reach your targets. There is no single program or trick that will solve your ranking problems.

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