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The collections of thoughts, stories, and teachings written in this book are taken from the trials. losses, and victories in my life that I have lived as a Christian in our unstable world.

The Christian community can sometimes forget to enjoy their walk in Christ and become discouraged by all the chaos they see going on around them. Hopefully, these articles and readings will help people understand that God is in control of their lives and that He loves everyone unconditionally.

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Robert Riker – Rob – has been training salespeople to double their sales since the late 70’s.  In 1991, he wrote about his techniques in a book entitled, Doubling. A Guide for the Professional Salesperson published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson.  He has incorporated his well-tested and proven “doubling” techniques into his latest book, Sellegrity, along with many Bible-based insights into integrity and character. Rob is married to Suzanne and has three children, all “grown and flown”.

He has lived in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for more than 25 years, with his wife, Suzanne, who owns and operates a successful commercial lighting store. Early in his training career, Rob worked with such notables as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking) and Earl Nightingale (This Changing World). He has trained thousands of salespeople, individually and entire sales teams, to master the skills and strategies that can lead to a doubling of personal and corporate sales – over and over.  It is not an overnight or weekend task; rather it takes weeks and months to position oneself for ongoing sales growth.

Sellegrity combines many Biblical principles into the mix, so that the acquisition of new skills and capabilities is wrapped in honesty, truth and personal integrity – the pillars of good character.  Long after the sales process has concluded, long after the product has lost its shine, long after the service has been satisfied… your character remains as the memory.

Sellegrity is about who you are more than about what you are.  Sales is a profession that faces integrity issues every day, from both sides – the seller’s and the customer’s.  It is hard to navigate if you don’t know who you are, what your foundations mean and how to handle the compromises that face sales people every day. Rob is an entrepreneur.  He has started a half-dozen businesses, some successful, some not.  He wears the deep scars that only fellow entrepreneurs can appreciate.  But through his challenges, one thing remained clear – God is always in control.  He is always ahead of your plans and always guarding your rear; it’s just that we tend to want to do it our way all the time, and only in times of crisis, do we ask for His help. Hopefully, Sellegrity will help you put God out front, help you to find personal peace and strength, and maybe even help you to develop incredible new capabilities.

For corporate training departments, Sellegrity and Doubling (without Biblical references – just focused on the skill set) are available as in-house training programs with participant texts and facilitator’s guide. Mr.Riker is also available for personal presentations. For more information, visit his website,