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The Whole Life

Mind, Body & Spirit

And to love him with all your heart, with all your understanding, and with all your strength,

Mark 12:33a

The main theme we share with SirNorm visitors is the idea of whole life. Christianity is first and foremost accepting the Lordship of Jesus and becoming His disciple. Christianity should influence our whole life. Whatever we do, we should do with a full heart. Inviting Christ into my workouts have made them fun and purposeful. Having the Lord direct my thoughts while writing books has brought out some good study material for bible students. Because of my poor health choices in the past, I have asked God to show me how and what to eat so that I may maintain good health. It does not matter what I try and what I grow into, I do it with the Lord so that I may acquire a whole life in God.

Mind / Understanding

Body / Strength

HARD WORK | Part 1

Just because you are over 67 does not mean it is time to go shopping for a walker. It is time to go work out and stay strong

HARD WORK | Part 2 – It’s Just a Shot Away

Don’t be afraid to do the hard thing. Most of the time it is just a shot away.
Try, just try!

HARD WORK | Part 3 – Mission Possible

Even if things look impossible, TRY them.
Special thanks to Creative Crew BC.

HARD WORK | Part 4 – Time’s up!

The biggest lie we want to believe is that we have lots of time. But, we don’t!

Spirit / Soul / Heart

Coming Back From Sickness | Part 1

God helped me lose 92 pounds and keep it off by His grace.

Coming Back From Sickness | Part 2 – Discipline

We need discipline in all areas of life.

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