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Website Hosting (Annually)

$190.00 / Year For 1 Year

Website Hosting (Monthly)

$19.99 / Month For 1 Month


WordPress Enhanced Security

$199.00 WordPress Enhanced Security Short description

WordPress Hardening / Lockdown

$999.00 WordPress Hardening / Lockdown Short description

Ecommerce Setup

$2,000.00 E-commerce Setup Short description


Google Ad Management Monthly

$500.00 / Month For 1 Month. Google Ad Management Monthly Short description

Google Ad Campaign Setup


Website Transfer From Wix to WordPress

Ask for Price.

Clayton Kessler

Ecommerce Data Analyst

I gaurantee new SEO opportunites will be found whether you are #1 on Google or 101. Lets discover how to optimize your website to deliver the customers looking for your most profitable products & services.

clayton kessler kelowna bc canada
Clayton Kessler, Director of First Page Solutions shown here summiting Wilderness Mountain in BC.

Climbing the first page of Google search results, in a competitive industry, will seem like a never ending climb up a large mountain. Right? 

If you know what I am talking about, get in touch becuase with the right team, you can make it! The payoff is always worth the investment.

Book Clayton Kessler For:

Digital Footprint Discovery

I gaurantee new SEO opportunites will be found whether you are #1 on Google or 101. Lets discover how to optimize your website to deliver the customers looking for your most profitable products & services.

Email Setup to Email Lists

With First Page Solutions hositng packages, unlimited number of emails are included. Is email an integral part of your business? Do you want your emails ending up in the spam bins? Do you want to build an email list? Whatever you want to discuss about email, lets get it done!

Website Security

Hacking. I’ve been hacked, and I have hacked. Well, I didn’t hack in a nefarious way but hired an ethical hacker to who has taken down bad guys. Whether you are a public company or a local business, website security should be top of your mind. Security will have a role in your success. If you are lost in the Google rabbit hole, lets connect and conclude your search.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a digital marketing campaign that will result in professional branding online and search engine higher ranking for related keywords. A Local SEO campaign will provide Google My Business listings and map listings in a unique way for one or more store locations.


Social Media Management

Managing your social media can be difficult – especially when you don’t know where to begin! Is engagement more important than views? Should we pay for Facebook ads or is boosting a post better?

Website Security

Did you know that DIY hacker kits are available to junior hackers who want to practice on your website? With 1/2 the world’s’ websites running on a WordPress installation, there is a good chance your website has security risks. Apply to use our system today and see if your website is at risk in your free video audit!

Web Development

Our programming team is fully qualified and experienced in developing digital marketing needs. Schema is a comprehensive resource  we use on every website to communicate your message effectively to search engines.

Web Accessibility

Website accessibility is rare. When your website is accessible,  nobody is excluded from using it. Yes, people who cannot see will be able to use your website! That is 500 000 Canadians!

Team Training

Achieving first page results that results in website leads is accomplished with regular ongoing website updates and off site SEO. Reviewing results and making improvements based on the data is an ongoing task and we teach your staff how they can help.

User Experience

User experience is of primary importance for lead generation and SEO. Page load speed is crucial for UX as is your website structure. How is your website user experience? Everyone who applies to use our digital marketing system will receive a video audit which shows the good, bad and ugly of your UX.

Audience Analytics

Get new leads by phone and email and on demand reporting. Always know what works for you. Our digital marketing system helps small businesses grow big.

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My Services Match Your Needs & Your Budget

30 minutes of digital footprint discovery with Clayton will reveal your website’s hidden opportunites.

Before your scheduled session begins, log into your business Google Account. We will begin with sharing my screen and then switch to your screen where you can file the discoveries for increased website revenue.

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Ready to book a Digital Footprint Discovery?



Clayton redesigned our dental website and I am happy with the finished product. Clayton and his team were responsive to our requests, finished the project in a timely manner and made practical suggestions. I would recommend Clayton and his team for web design and SEO!

– from Google Reviews


Clayton did a wonderful job of explaining and implementing SEO specifically for our website. He gave a very clear picture of all the components that go into getting a website on the first page of a Google search!

– from Google Reviews


I attended an SEO information session held at Front Page Solutions and found it to be helpful. Great professional team of experts who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

– from Google Reviews

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Digital Footprint Discovery

Clay has a ton of energy and experience he brings to any project he takes on.
– from Google Reviews
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