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Website Hosting (Annually)

$190.00 / Year For 1 Year

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$19.99 / Month For 1 Month


WordPress Enhanced Security

$199.00 WordPress Enhanced Security Short description

WordPress Hardening / Lockdown

$999.00 WordPress Hardening / Lockdown Short description

Ecommerce Setup

$2,000.00 E-commerce Setup Short description


Google Ad Management Monthly

$500.00 / Month For 1 Month. Google Ad Management Monthly Short description

Google Ad Campaign Setup


Website Transfer From Wix to WordPress

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Website Design

Your business or corporation is unique, and your website design will effectively communicate your business message when you design, and develop with First Page Solutions. Once your website is published, we help you learn how to easily keep it fresh. Contact us today, we’ll meet with you, discuss required business solutions, and find the best ways to meet your goals.

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Website Development

Let’s find what is crucial for your business to communicate, and get the message out. Publish your important priority business messages online with a thorough but efficient design process, and then let the development begin. The numerous systems that can integrate with your website take time to identify and develop so our mode of operation is to take it one step at a time. Let’s start today.

Website Design

Lets start with what you don’t like. That helps us eliminate unnecessary discusson. Then lets see what you do like. Show us what what value proposition is and what keeps your customers coming back to do business with you. Now lets talk branding and logo.

Branding & Logo

Your a multi-national company and you need a redesign? No problem, we have people for that. You’ve invested Granny’s cookie jar fund and don’t want to worry about your whether your favicon should be fuchsia or pink. No problem, we will help you with every detail you require and ensure Granny’s savings are wisely invested.

Content Strategy

Will you have eCommerce? Focus on your product pages, the rest will come. Are you the best plumber in town? No problem, it’s time to write cornerstone content and tell your town ‘who da boss’. Don’t worry about the content, it’s a good chance you already have it. If not on paper, it’s in you to give and we will help the words get out of your head and onto the webpage in a way that will rank on Google!

Built From Scratch

You want to make sure your website is unique and to do so, you know it must be built from scratch. I will tell you yes and no. Lets get your unique message online quicly. your website will be uniqe but to make it that way, every line of code does not have to be created without a little help from those who’ve gone before!

Choose a Pre-made Template

Premade templates are nice to get ideas but we prefer to peruse successful brands and research the ideas and designs that evoke the feelings to match your team, services and styles. After we see what works for you, yes, we will use some template or pre-made layout ideas but only to save you time, Your mesasge must get out and beat the competition.

Hosting, Maintenance & Updates

This is our superpower, after SEO. At First Page Solutions we do have the best hosting plan in the world! I’m not even joking. There is no other hosting solution that offers complete management fo your website, email and marketing all in one, for $190 per year. I think you should look into this!

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About The Director

I’m Clayton, the Director of First Page Solutions. I’ve been creating websites for 19 years.

Would you like to enjoy online success that leads to more customers, a website with fast page load speeds and an excellent user experience? I have earned the trust of many corporations. Lets make your company website rise above the competition, contact me today..

Clayton Kessler, Director of First Page Solutions shown here summiting Wilderness Mountain in BC.

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

Like any expert, to be one requires making mistakes. An SEO expert should have at least 5 years of experience and a portfolio of SEO campaigns. The portfolio should have evidence of success in ranking a variety of websites. Please contact us so we can share live samples of SEO in action. 

What is an SEO score?

SEO scores are communicated within various SEO reporting software packages. SEO software can record dozens of related measurements and the aggregate amount will equal your SEO score. 

Do Google Ads affect SEO?

Google Ads which are paid for by the click or by impressions do not affect SEO. Professional Google Ads managers will need to create landing pages on the advertised website and in doing so can either harm your SEO or improve it.

Is SEO important for small business?

Search Engine Optimizatioin is important to small business for branding and acquiring new leads. Buyer beware though! SEO is a long term process and can be a huge sink hole for your marketing dollars. The best method is a long term approach while building brand mentions and website user experience over time. As the campaign begins, it will be important to have specific goals. Your action plan can be determined by an audit or a digital footprint review.

What is an SEO campaign?

An SEO campaign is a digital marketing plan, birthed from extensive digital marketing research and experience, customized to meet your business objectives. Two key components of an SEO campaign are website user experience and backlinks. Backlinks must be organic and earned. Earned backlinks come from great content and an awesome user experience. Every SEO campaign has KPI’s. These key performance indicators are recorded monthly and will determine the SEO campaign success over time.

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